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The graphic design of  LeghornGroup’s  Logo recreates a heraldry style. The image is  loaded with powerful symbolism  of two legendary animals. The  eye catching design focuses on the two  mysterious and evocative animals on the logo:

The lion, symbol of bravery, strength and loyalty.
The snake, symbol of slyness and dishonesty.

The design captures the animals  the moment before a conflict. At this  tense moment the energies of the animals gather at breaking point signifying a moment of universal balance , between the light and dark energies similar to  Yin (black) and Yang (white).

The battle between the two energies in endless, however there can only one winner:

Ubi maior, minor cessat,  When something major takes over, the less important is disregarded.

The forces of nature and the power to overcome  bad is at the foundation  of the innovative spirit that characterizes the company.
Company Name

The logo carries the wording  “LEGHORN”,  the English translation for the city of Livorno.

The origin of the company name dates back to 1978, the year the company was established.

That same year, four friends decide to embark on a journey towards a new business venture: Luciano Grapsa, Renato Porciatti, Claudio Gisonni and Marino Montanari all meet at  Marino Montanari’s house in  Antignano, just outside  Livorno,  to choose the name of the future company that they would go on to set up together.

The eldest of the group Marino comes up wtih LEGHORN SHIP SUPPLY  and the others all agree on this name for the new company.

In 1980 Renato Porciatti decides to leave the group of friends and open a restaurant called the  “La Chetichella” in the centre of Livorno. The restaurant continues to be a meeting point for the four friends and quickly became an important  place for ship suppliers of the town’s port..

By 1981 Luciano Grapsa directs the company towards specializing in supplying seals for containers, items that were more and more requested by the market.   This causes the company to change the name to LEGHORN SUPPLIERS (and start manufacturing the first metal seals in partnership with external companies).

In  1990, the other two partners reluctant to believe in the new security seals business, sell their shares of the company to Luciano Grapsa  who forsees the enormous potential that this new sector has to offer.

In order to give a clear message and define the company as a manufacturers, Grapsa decides to remove the word “suppliers” from the name leaving behind just the word LEGHORN.

  • In 2006 Leghorn established a partnership agreement with a famous Belgian company: “Perfra Belgium” directed by Mr. Alex Le Clef, and was born the Leghorn-Perfra.
  • The company Perfra was founded in 1962 by Mr. Albert Le Clef, who was the inventor of the famous Customs & Postal seal, “the CRALUSEAL” and “CRALUPLIER”. Up till 1997 this system was commercialized and used in more than 30 countries worldwide, mostly but Postal and Customs administrations, as by Gas & Electricity companies.
  • In the field of a usable seal with pliers, till today  there is no better seal in the World.
  • The Leghorn-Perfra was the first overseas joint-office of the Leghorn.

In 2010 was founded in Greece the Leghorn Hellas with Mr. Costas Charatsaris.

in 2014 was founded in Czech republic the Leghorn Central Europe with Mr. Ivo Popelka.

In 2016 all the Leghorn’s Partners decide to turn the name into LeghornGroup, in order to emphasize on the Leghorn-brand worldwide.

In 2016 was founded in Moldova the LeghornGroup (Moldova) with Miss Irina Anei and Mr. Vasile Anei.

In 2016 was founded in USA the LeghornGroup (USA) with Costas Charatsaris.

Today LeghornGroup is a name, and above all a group of  companies with offices across various continents  that, still speaks of the values
that are at the foundation the company: Loyalty and reliability,  towards its partners,  suppliers and clients, and all those who have
been part of the company along the way, but above all a  strong spirit of enterprise, which continues to steer the company towards new
business scenarios and  provides it with new solutions to offer the market.

LeghornGroup’s main aim is to operate efficiently, lucratively and responsibly in the security and anti tampering sector.

LeghornGroup’s desire to be a focus point within this sector is supported by its strong commitment to manufacture and develop innovative and highly effective solutions.



  • LeghornGroup srl has five major areas of responsibility:
  • Towards its partners, protecting their investments and guaranteeing returns.
  • Towards our customers, taking care of existing clients, developing relations with new customers and maintaining their loyalty by offering a variety of products and good value services in terms of price, quality, safety and minimal environmental impact.
  • Towards it’s staff and employees, by respecting their rights and offering good working conditions, ensuring their full personal and professional satisfaction. Promote and make the most of their talent and ensure equal employment opportunity; encourage their staff’s involvement in the planning and management of their work and the daily application of the corporate vision and values.
  • Towards all parties with whom the company establishes business relations. Ensure mutual benefits with contract partners and suppliers, and promote the application of these vision and values. The desire to promote these vision and values will be a determining factor in deciding whether to establish or maintain such relationships.
  • Towards the community. Conduct its business as responsible members of society, respecting the legislations where here Leghorn srl operates. Expressing its support for fundamental human rights, in line with its legitimate role of private enterprise, paying attention to the health, safety and the environment, whilst showing commitment to sustainable development.

What we offer
LeghornGroup srl offers the supply of products, systems and services for security. Their solutions begin with a specialist consultation for design, development and production of a product or complete solution, that can meet the individual needs of each client.

They are supported by a team of professionals and operate their own production plants that allow them to reply quickly and effectively respond with a bespoke solution or product.

Who we are
LeghornGroup srl established 1978 is a manufacturer and supplier of security seals and security products for protecting assets.
Specializing in applications for shipping and logistics.

Thanks to a wealth of experience and it’s in house design and production capabilities, LeghornGroup can provide a decisive and comprehensive response to every security related issue.

  • It’s varied range of products, systems and bespoke solutions has allowed LeghornGroup to establish itself as one of the European leaders of this sector.
  • With sales offices in Europe, USA Latin American and the Middle East with production plants for plastic molding and metal parts, LeghornGroup has complete control over its range of products and an extensive worldwide client support network.

Furthermore, the company’s computer and electronics division within the group have been working for over ten years to enhance LeghornGroup’s security products with the most innovative technical features. Their aim: to protect our assets, data and information and make a better future for all of us.

LeghornGroup is committed to protecting goods and assets from tampering or pilferage, by using the most suitable solution (be it mechanical, electronic or a combination) providing not only maximum security but guaranteeing economic efficiency.

From mechanical seals in plastic and metal, to security bags or labels right through to a range of advanced electronic identification systems. Whatever the requirement Leghorn will come up with the most suitable solution.

Year of Establishment 1978
Nature of Business Manufacturer, Wholesaler

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